Alternatives to Wordle: 8 Best Wordle Puzzle Games

Wordle is the most popular word game all around the world on the internet. A simple word game called “Wordle” went viral in the year 2022. Wordle is a simple online word game that you can play for a minimum of 5 minutes to enhance your vocabulary and boost your mental agility. Wordle is becoming popular, individuals are sharing the outcomes of the game online because of their passion for it.

What is Wordle and How Do You Play?

Essentially, Wordle is a 5 letter word game that is played on the internet. A new word will be revealed each day for those with six tries. The player will have to predict five-letter words to determine the final word’s letters.

When you type a word into the tiles, it will change color based on the following factors: 

Gray Letter – It indicates that the characters are currently unavailable in the world. 

Yellow Letter – It indicates that the character is accessible in the word, but it’s placed in the wrong place.

Green Letter  – It indicates that the character is available in the final word and in the correct location.

Players have access to a single virtual board from which they may submit their phrases. Just press the submit button after you’ve entered your first word. When you press the button, it will do a check to see if the input word matches the final term and then output the results.

It’s as simple as guessing the word right to win the game, and a winning streak is awarded for consecutive victories.

Currently, more than 2 million people are playing this game throughout the world, making it one of the most popular.

8 best Wordle Alternatives – Top Games Like Wordle 

Wordle is the most popular online game, although it has a few drawbacks. It took players 24 hours to predict the next set of words, leading many to look for “Best Wordle Alternatives” or “Best Games like Wordle” to continue their love affair with the genre of online word games.

Here are some of the most popular wordle alternatives that are either identical to wordle or offer extra features and benefits.

#1: Absurdle

Wordle players have an excellent alternative in the form of Absurdle. It is a dark and sinister one and it is a fun and easy-to-learn game. Only six tries are available in Wordle, however, in Absurdle you can keep guessing till you get the correct word until the last one.

A bank of 2000 words awaits the player in Absurdle, where the algorithm generates new words at random, and the player must pick the correct one. The “Random Guess” button in Absurdle helps you set the words for guessing in the game.

#2: Custom Wordle

Custom Wordle is an advanced game for gamers who may create their own word puzzles to play with their friends. A player may input any word of any length in Custom Wordle and then share the link with a buddy to give their brain some good training.

#3: Dordle

Dordle is an amazing word puzzle game where the player must guess two words at once.  Also,  typing a single word at the same time. In this game, there is a phase of two blocks where you have to make 7 guesses. The color of the letter you see will change to indicate where you need to place your guesses after each successful guess.

Dordle is a more difficult word game than wordle, but it’s likely to help you learn more about the English language.

#4: Lewdle

If you want to play this game, you must be an adult because it is not suitable for children at all. For example, Wordle or Absurdle have a wide variety of vocabulary from which to choose or guess the proper words. However, in Lewdle, players must guess lewd phrases, or you can use dirty language in advance.

Switch to “Sheltered Mode” if you wish to play the natural game, which will accept certain non-vulgar predictions. Lewdle only takes crude phrases.

#5: Nerdle

However, Nerdle is a numerical puzzle game, it’s not a word puzzle game. Nerdle is a word-guessing game where letters are replaced with numbers. Players in the Nerdle game must correctly place letters and symbols to estimate an eight-figure mathematical formula.

For instance, if you type 10+20=30 the Nerdle shows what number & symbol placed which highlighting in different colors. Kids will love solving this Nerdle number problem.

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