tiktok content ideas for small business

5 Amazing TikTok Content Ideas For Small Business

The use of TikTok is increasing day-by-day along with its huge user base boasting over 1 billion. Though it is a mere video sharing application,  it has transformed into an influential social media network. The application is globally present in over 150 countries. Users create, discover and share entertaining content to showcase their talents and gain huge followers. 

According to recent statistics, 70% of the audiences on TikTok are young, between the ages of 16 to 30 years, expressing their creativity. Therefore gaining followers, likes, and video views on TikTok is a high priority for Gen Z. 

If you are trying to increase business reach, gain followers and get popularity on TikTok, the mind-blowing video ideas will boost your video engagement on TikTok  and help you achieve your goals. 

#1. Create Tutorials

Creating tutorial videos are the best content plan to attract new audiences and show up your potential. Sharing tutorials is one of the powerful ways to boost audience retention on TikTok and keep them interested.  Small businesses can create educational videos about their brand to improve business reach among your target audience. 

Due to the growing popularity,, many influencers and celebrities have already stepped into TikTok to share tutorial videos and gain fame. Or, you could use the alternative methods to rank your TikTok videos higher and boost the visibility of your account. However, people always like to watch videos with high numbers of views. 

#2. Branded Hashtag Challenge

Today, many top influencers gained fame on the TikTok channel by utilizing trending hashtags or creating videos on their own. Participating in the trending hashtags challenge significantly improves your video visibility and helps you gain real followers on TikTok. 

Moreover, you can come up with great ideas to start your own challenges to stand out from the crowd. Plus, creating a challenge with the branded hashtag will increase your business reach and visibility among a wider audience. 

#3. Unboxing Product Reviews

Product reviews are important for brands to attract new business customers and increase conversions. TikTok is a unique platform that encourages users to create user-generated content like reviews for their favorite products or services. Sharing product review content is a must to enlarge your TikTok audience. 

Create compelling content explaining your product or services to help the audience understand your point and motivate them to create UGC. Therefore, sharing unboxing videos is one of the best ideas to attract new customers to your business. 

#4. Run A Contest

Running contests and giveaways are the smart way to grab more audience to your TikTok profile. Before running a contest, determine your goals and objectives so that you can scrutinize how your TikTok campaign should appear.  Share the contest rules for the audience to join your content. 

Use branded hashtags and attractive gifts to increase user engagement rate and brand exposure on TikTok. Share contests related to your brand and find your target audiences on the platform. 

#5. Get Influencers Involved

Partnering with TikTok influencers aids you to showcase your content to a wider audience. Consider influencer marketing for promotional content. Some marketers even prefer a brand takeover.  Working with the right influencer will increase engagement rate, drive traffic to your website, and boost sales.

According to the research, marketers using influencer marketing as a part of their business plan have gained higher growth and reach.  Finding the best influencer that fits your goals and budget leads you to expand your brand popularity among a wider audience. 

Key Takeaways

TikTok might make small businesses feel new, but the results are damn outstanding. Many brands are using this platform to reach their marketing goals. Create authentic videos in your own style  to leverage the power of TikTok and make your profile more unique among wider audiences. Using these five strategies, your small business can get higher engagement and exposure among your target audience. 

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